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As The Sparrow Drives

Review - Jill Stowell
Newcastle Herald, September 15, 2012

Another new exhibition at Maitland is a tour de force. Linda Greedy has previously shown rapid, drive-past paintings of familiar environment. But the dozens of small square oils on board were all painted in 2012 on her daily trips between Shoal Bay and Maitland Regional Art Gallery, where she is now an education officer.

Series of work show us an island off Port Stephens, the relaxed old holiday houses and, most successfully, the isolated Bobs Farm palm trees. The landscape changes less than the weather; with many busy skies.

Naturally, some panels work better than others. The pink snowfields of a recent trip are a curious response to the white expanses. But these small, vivid works are a valid homage to the instant immediacy of the great French impressionists.

"Challenging, exciting year" - Jill Stowell 
Newcastle Herald - 29 December 2012

A comparison with Maitland Regional Art Gallery's enormous variety of exhibition areas leaps to mind. There were well over 20 professionally mounted shows in 2012. Several were large surveys of printmaking, with Maitland's growing collection of works on paper as catalyst. At one time there were nine individual exhibitions simultaneously on show, several of them being exciting works on paper by international artists.

Hunter artists were not neglected, with substantial exhibitions by Linda Greedy and Nell and with roofing-iron menagerie of Charlotte Drake-Brockman and Fran Wachtel giving particular pleasure as well as muscle in the ecological choices facing the Hunter Valley.

Hunter Valley Breathe Magazine
Lifestyle Art - Virginia Mitchell
Issue 34, Spring 2012

When you first stand before one of Linda Greedy's fluid yet restrained abstract paintings, the last thing you expect is to experience such a strong sense of the bush that you can almost smell the eucalypts. You are not looking at a canvas streaked and textured with pale paint - you are standing amongst tall trunks, enveloped in the landscape.

Linda has a profound love of the bush, and a special affinity with the bush around her home town of Cessnock in the Hunter Valley. Since childhood, she has walked bush trails and picnicked off the beaten track. Her father had a deep love of the Australian landscape and ensured the whole family did too. He especially loved Yellow Rock that overlooks Broke, Mount View and Congewai, and the country around Cedar Creek.

Linda has always drawn and created. Along with her sister, Debra, she studied art at Cessnock High School before moving on to Art School in Newcastle.

'It's not something I planned or thought about - it was just a natural choice for me to follow my love of art' she says.'I have been lucky that my passion has also become my career. It's something I tell my children: follow what you love, and the opportunities will come.'

It sounds like an easy choice, but Linda was probably also fortunate to have talent in her mix of abilities that she brought to that decision - along with hard work and dedication to her craft.

She taught Art at Mount View and Cessnock High Schools before studying Interior Design and working for several years in that industry. After rediscovering her passion for painting while at home with small children, in 2003 she went back to TAFE to better structure her time. She has been painting ever since, with a string of exhibitions to her name, including a group show at Cessnock Regional Art Gallery.

Linda's new solo exhibition, As the sparrow drives, is currently on show at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. The title of the show is a tongue-in-cheek reference to her constant driving from her home in Port Stephens to her job as Education Curator at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. She recalls her father's use of bushman's expressions, like 'as the crow flies' and 'true north' - they have become constants in her family's vocabulary. Perhaps she sees herself as the sparrow, criss-crossing the country on a daily basis, though not in a perfectly straight line.

Linda's love of landscape is inherent in her art.'It was always about the landscape. The abstraction is about immersion in the landscape, submitting to the romance of the landscape. It's about a love of surface - of paint, of bark, of leaves.' That is certainly the viewer's experience of her work, from the paint surface of the artwork, to the landscape that inspired it.

Linda is exhibiting new works on wood panel, a style she has developed since a happy accident in the studio in 2010. She loves the surface of the small wooden panels and the resistance they provide to the brush - 'not springy and doughy like canvas'. These new works are less about abstraction and, instead, reference the bush and the sea that colour her life at Port Stephens.

Linda's work is on exhibition at Maitland Regional Art Gallery until
11 November, 2012

©2016 Linda Greedy

#85 Bills - Shoay, 2012

Oil on timber panel, 30 x 30cm​